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Oral sex can be foreplay or it can be a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience by itself. But is it safe? The fact is that oral sex is not without some risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD). To read more...
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Sexual Health

Sexual Health is an important factor in an individual's daily life, and resolving sexual dysfunction is critical to one's wellbeing. Sexual health is far too often overlooked and sexual dysfunction ignored, either because of ignorance of the facts about sexual dysfunction, or because of anxiety about discussing sexual health problems with others. Male Impotence, also called Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is one of the sexual health issues that most often is experienced by men. Most men experience some form of impotence during their lives, even if only briefly, and oftenit is related to other concerns such as stress at work or at home, insufficient rest and sleep, or poor diet.

Sexual health receives far too little attention in the health care industry. Societal attitudes about sexual dysfunction also influence this situation, because for a man to admit to impotence or erectile dysfunction can result in ridicule by friends or co-workers. It is very unfortunate that such a fundamental topic of personal importance is so often overlooked or not taken seriously. The result is that sexual health issues are inadequately examined in school curriculums and glossed over by the media. Poor sexual health coupled with sexual dysfunction can result in low self-esteem, suicidal feelings, inability to experience satisfying sex with a partner, depression, and many other conditions.

  Sexual Wellness Diet and Nutrition

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is another issue of great importance to people's sexual health, and includes such issues as frigidity in women, and impotence in men. Impotence is especially serious for men because of the importance our culture places on male performance. Women seldom experience the same sort of concern, because a woman and her friends will usually place the sexual dysfunction blame on the man's poor lovemaking skills as the reason for her inability to get aroused or for her lack of desire.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, are all symptoms of our culture's failure to adequately address these issues, both in women and men. In most cases, these conditions can easily be resolved through better attention to diet, better understanding of human anatomy, and an appreciation of human needs.

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Sexuall Wellness Facts


Cost of the Average American Wedding is about $19,000
Cost of a wedding at "Chapel of the Bells" in Reno, Nevada is only $99.50

In 1970, married couples made up about 71% of US households. If the current trends continue, there will be no married couples at all in 2077, as extrapolated from 2/5/96 data from the Los Angeles Times.

Divorced men are four times more likely to die in an accident than married men, according to The Book of Risks, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Condoms break or will fall off at a rate of about 2% to 6%, and a condom can break even if it is used perfectly correctly. In fact, one in three people who become AIDS victims will contract the disease from an infected partner even if the use of condoms were 100% during all sexual encounters.

Spermicides can actually increase the risk of contracting AIDS, because the chemicals used in spemicides can irritate the vagina walls, which facilitates infection. As a result of this, spermicides are no longer being recommended as a means of HIV prevention.


Studies show that 66% of heterosexual males fantasize about female sexual dominance. Ladies should take full advantage of this to spice up a couple's slowing sex life.